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Workspace ONE Access Connector 22.09 services are starting and stopping almost immediatley.

If you’ve installed Workspace ONE Access Connector, but the services are stopping right after they start, it could be related to several issues;

One of the issues, could be related to the certificate that you’ll need to supply during the installation in this screen:

If you are using the self-signed certificate, make sure to download the root certificate from the appliance by navigating to your appliance /horizon_workspace_rootca.pem .
For example:

However, if you are using a custom certificate, make sure to upload the necessary related chain of the root and intermeddiate certificates, so the connector will be able to trust it.

If the services are still stopping after the installation, check the log in the related services directories, for example for the “Directory Sync Service” browse to:
C:\Program Files\Workspace ONE Access\Directory Sync Service\logs

And look at: eds-service.log

You might see something like this: “com.vmware.vidm.eds.EnterpriseRegistrationService – Unable to register EDS service. java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: com.vmware.vidm.eds.exception.EnterpriseServiceRegistrationException: eds.service.registration.failure”

In order to get more information, you can enable “DEBUG Mode” in the log settings as explained here:

Now, try to start the service again and you might see the following message in the log:
“com.vmware.vidm.enterprise.gateway.GatewayAuthProvider – Failed to acquire token, returning cached token – Optional.empty java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: java.lang.NullPointerException”

Make sure that the Workspace ONE Access connector server can access the Workspace ONE Access URL. Considering that there is no connectivity issue, it might be that you’ve installed the connector from a UNC path.

Uninstall the connector, copy the installation, certificate(s) and the es-config.json files to a local folder on the Workspace ONE Access Connector server, and run the installation again, this should resolve the issue.



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